Thomas Tuchel Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions About Him | Autocomplete Challenge

Thomas Tuchel answers some of the most searched questions about himself...

What is Tuchel's favourite music? What did Tuchel want to be when he grew up? Who is Tuchels favourite ever footballer and Will Tuchel win the Champions League final?! Watch this Autocomplete Challenge to find out.

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  • ClaudiaHH1887
    ClaudiaHH188712 timer siden

    Thomas Tuchel ist großartig. Ich liebe seine ehrliche,korrekte Art und das er kein Blatt vor den Mund nimmt.Seine direkten,manchmal krassen Antworten oder Aussagen, waren vielen Clubbesitzern, Vorständen oder Pressevertretern, ein Dorn im Auge. Er würde sich nie den Mund verbieten lassen weshalb der Besitzer von PSG und Tuchel nicht miteinander klar kamen.Tuchel war es egal, und er wusste auch, das der Scheich, sobald er jemand passendes als neuen Trainer gefunden hat, er gehen wird, da sein Vertrag so oder so bis zum Jahresende galt und er bis dahin weiter bezahlt wird, daran konnte nichts geändert werden! Er ist jemand mit Charakter und bleibt seiner Linie treu!

  • no one
    no oneDag siden

    Now this is how you win a championship

  • SCG77
    SCG77Dag siden

    is his destiny to destroy Oil City's only chance for a UCL championship?

  • Mithesh Ram
    Mithesh Ram2 dager siden

    Tuchel says Neymar's physical ability and both laugh

  • Robyn Hall
    Robyn Hall2 dager siden

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  • Aa Aa
    Aa Aa2 dager siden

    Did he even answer what language was the hardest to learn?

  • Tony C
    Tony C2 dager siden

    My manager 💙💙

  • myelectioneering
    myelectioneering2 dager siden

    It's fun to play with small balls... you heard it hear first.

  • Qvist Bechham
    Qvist Bechham2 dager siden

    My man listen to Jay-Z love him

  • Ski Sko
    Ski Sko3 dager siden

    Great person and even better manager 👏

  • Franz Reyes
    Franz Reyes3 dager siden

    Woah how humbling he said he's a fan of Pep. And then 2 days later, he outsmarted his idol in the UCL final and for the third time meeting since taking over for Chelsea 👏👏

  • Sharnel Raymond
    Sharnel Raymond3 dager siden

    “I was in love with the blond girl” 🤣🤣

  • Fynn_.25
    Fynn_.253 dager siden

    4:51 ich in meiner englisch mündlichen Prüfung

  • Shawns Hastey
    Shawns Hastey3 dager siden

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  • hoivan banla
    hoivan banla3 dager siden

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  • Samer
    Samer4 dager siden

    The amount of confidence when he answered the last question… WOW!

  • Kevin Zhu
    Kevin Zhu4 dager siden

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  • Sleipnir
    Sleipnir4 dager siden

    I liked him until he said Simply Red

  • Keksebacker 69
    Keksebacker 694 dager siden

    If Dembele would have stayed another year Dortmubd would have won the Titel he was more talented than Haaland or mbappe are now

  • Pariah
    Pariah4 dager siden

    I'm just thinking if someone would make a movie about this guy how iconic that salt & pepper dinner scene could be

  • CharlesOffdensen
    CharlesOffdensen4 dager siden

    Is it me, or does Tuchel really look like the bad guy from Gargoyles the TV series (Xanatos)?

  • judodoju
    judodoju5 dager siden

    He really skipped Mbappe talking about talent

  • Sey_nsational
    Sey_nsational5 dager siden

    I love the fact that he didn't give a diplomatic answer for the last question

  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda5 dager siden

    Thomas Tuchel the Luftwaffe pilot

  • Nico Sk
    Nico Sk5 dager siden


  • Peter_Madsen
    Peter_Madsen5 dager siden

    Brilliant interview with a truely sympathetic man, but Thomas lost me at praising Neymar's physicality.

  • alesto11
    alesto115 dager siden

    i have no idea why germans at that age still have such an accent, nowadays at least germans here almost no difference when others talk english but klopp and tuchel for example ? pain in the ear

  • Jasim Karbeen
    Jasim Karbeen5 dager siden

    Good man TT thanks so much for letting Chelsea to glory

  • Johannes Klein
    Johannes Klein5 dager siden

    German coaches are the best

  • Imamm Imam
    Imamm Imam5 dager siden

    Tuchel, N'GOLO Kante and friends Chelsea........👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Abdul ¿
    Abdul ¿6 dager siden

    0:42 JUVENTUS KOMM DAHIN TUCHEL! i hope this was a ,,Bro i can also train in italy“

  • alysha
    alysha6 dager siden

    4 languages ?? i wonder what his IQ is.. he seems so smart and knowledgeable 😮😮 there's probably more to tuchel that we don't know!

  • Celo Pistolero
    Celo Pistolero6 dager siden

    Most asked questions after this interview : which speakers uses tuchel.

  • Jefferson noble
    Jefferson noble6 dager siden

    Fact that he missed Mbappe when he was mentioning talented players he coached really surprised me.

  • Kinda Retard
    Kinda Retard6 dager siden

    0:52 I swear no one says that

  • Mustapha Gai
    Mustapha Gai6 dager siden

    He should have not revealed his training ground tactics. Pep will steal his tactics big mistake there

  • Pritom Debnath
    Pritom Debnath7 dager siden

    It was easy...because pep was an idiot in his team formation in the finals

  • Pritom Debnath
    Pritom Debnath7 dager siden

    Hope he wins it again next season

  • Pat Meyer
    Pat Meyer7 dager siden

    So happy for this man and especially Chelsea FC. How the media, tv and Peps brown nose army like Gary Lineker, dismissed Him and his Chelsea team! (I have no issues with city fans, good luck 2022)

  • Miguel
    Miguel7 dager siden


  • TheOGDengo -
    TheOGDengo -7 dager siden


  • Aprillia Kasih
    Aprillia Kasih7 dager siden

    Pretty sure the most asked question is: ``Why doesn´´t Thomas Tuchel shave off his head?

  • Daggy d mount
    Daggy d mount7 dager siden

    TT keeps his words,I like him

  • A Hus
    A Hus7 dager siden

    I hate oil clubs, but Tuchel is a pretty cool guy, this interview was good!

  • heiitse
    heiitse7 dager siden

    such a humble man💙

  • Shamiul Toha
    Shamiul Toha7 dager siden

    I just cannot forget the Dembele fact!!

  • RAP 4Live
    RAP 4Live7 dager siden

    Never thought Tuchel is an audiophil. Makes him even more sympathic 😅

  • Ice King
    Ice King7 dager siden

    And he won it

  • Finbar Ó Bruadair
    Finbar Ó Bruadair7 dager siden

    What a gent. Could listen to him talking all day.

  • sygmaone
    sygmaone7 dager siden

    Interesting since Chelsea won the Champions League Sky didnt put any video of it. When Coty won the league there were like 5 videos, when Pool last year the whole Sky team were on their knees.. the disrespect to Chelsea is amazing

  • Private Account
    Private Account7 dager siden

    I believe one day he will manage Barcelona

    STEFFIFI7 dager siden

    "A bit of English and French". AHAH Funny!!!

  • Anthony Williams
    Anthony Williams8 dager siden

    And YES! WE WON!

  • Daniel New
    Daniel New8 dager siden

    Actually love him, Chelsea legend forever now 💙💙💙

  • Stefan Dierkes
    Stefan Dierkes8 dager siden

    Just imagine him there in his living room, surrounded by the huuuge speakers and listening to "Stars" by Simply Red on vinyl :D

  • Edward Shearmur
    Edward Shearmur8 dager siden

    He is becoming my favourite Chelsea manager. He's a breath of fresh air. Even more so he's won the CL congratulations 👏

  • Rashid Almoravid
    Rashid Almoravid8 dager siden

    Fake it till you make it, Tuchel. You were lucky 😅 Hope you can do the same trick the next season.

  • The Fart Knight Rises
    The Fart Knight Rises8 dager siden

    so bayern munich didnt really deserved to win the ucl, lol!

  • Technical Gaur
    Technical Gaur8 dager siden

    Tuchel: "I speak a bit of English" Also Tuchel: *continues speaking English fluently*

  • Idrees Khan

    Idrees Khan

    17 timer siden

    @DFandV Not its him being a pussy.

  • Rathurshan Rajeekaran

    Rathurshan Rajeekaran

    3 dager siden

    fr but he's just being honest

  • DFandV


    4 dager siden

    Called humility.

  • lenni


    7 dager siden

    Tuchel: "I speak a bit french too" Also: gave thousands french interviews

  • Technical Gaur
    Technical Gaur8 dager siden

    He seems a very chill & fun manager

  • Hakum Lartey
    Hakum Lartey8 dager siden

    I can’t imagine Tuchel listening to Jay Z lmao. Imagine him singing “what more can I saaayyy!”

  • Hakum Lartey

    Hakum Lartey

    2 dager siden

    @Inviddy Ehrenmann 😂😂

  • Angelo Akyeampong

    Angelo Akyeampong

    2 dager siden


  • Rathurshan Rajeekaran

    Rathurshan Rajeekaran

    3 dager siden

    @Inviddy Ehrenmann bruh

  • Rathurshan Rajeekaran

    Rathurshan Rajeekaran

    3 dager siden


  • Evan


    6 dager siden

    @Inviddy Ehrenmann 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Andres Diaz
    Andres Diaz8 dager siden

    Este sí es mi ídolo

  • Andy Wijaya
    Andy Wijaya8 dager siden

    "They said English is very difficult". Like, what?

  • william simmon
    william simmon8 dager siden

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  • Deals Steals
    Deals Steals8 dager siden

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  • T. Eddy
    T. Eddy8 dager siden

    Klopp and Tuchel. Oh, I miss you so much in the Bundesliga. 😢

  • Oskar L
    Oskar L8 dager siden

    immer lustig einen Landsmann englisch sprechen zu hören, ich küss deine Augen Thomas Abi

  • Oskar L
    Oskar L8 dager siden


  • The Algerian Tank
    The Algerian Tank8 dager siden

    *Now a Champions League winner a week later* _With the best team in London: Chelsea_

    ALL IN ONE8 dager siden

    Yap, he wins the champions league; Full of confidence perfect coach.

  • humanoid
    humanoid9 dager siden

    This man will coach FC Barcelona one day. You heard it here first.

  • c v
    c v9 dager siden

    why düh i ´´h8´´ shellsi after drögbäh / fcbäh out ^ ^

  • Asdfghjnmm


    8 dager siden

    Digga was los mit dir

  • Neo Rain
    Neo Rain9 dager siden

    Bravo Thomas! You did indeed win the final and here it to much more success!

  • Hypnotised World
    Hypnotised World9 dager siden

    This is one of the few coaches that you can't hate. His smile is so pure

  • TrollPotatoe
    TrollPotatoe9 dager siden

    Tuchel is an amazing lad and a great coach. what a lad. coming from a united fan, it hurts we have a manager that isnt as good as tuchel. lol.

  • Abhishek
    Abhishek9 dager siden

    I like that confidence

  • Veasna Samreth
    Veasna Samreth9 dager siden

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  • Bluesy Ace
    Bluesy Ace9 dager siden

    I want some kind of interaction between him and klopp

  • Idogei Idanegbe Zuco
    Idogei Idanegbe Zuco9 dager siden

    I really do like this guy hearing him speak, never knew I could like anything Chelsea apart from Kante. And by the way he won the champions league

  • desimone byerly
    desimone byerly9 dager siden

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  • Dominic Nalan
    Dominic Nalan9 dager siden

    Most underrated Chelsea video on the tube

  • BushidoXLD
    BushidoXLD9 dager siden

    I really Wish Dortmund could have stayed with Tuchel. He was building great things there. Congrats to Chelsea, you have a great coach!

  • Liam Brady
    Liam Brady9 dager siden

    Seems like such a cool guy. Speaks English brilliantly despite the fact that it's not his first language. Always love watching his interviews, press conferences etc.

  • Hani Philip
    Hani Philip9 dager siden

    I love his English so much.

  • hmsamie 14
    hmsamie 149 dager siden

    He’s so funny and inteligente 😂 ❤️

  • linsensalat 20.01
    linsensalat 20.019 dager siden


  • M M
    M M9 dager siden

    Return to PSG

  • Christopher Theodore
    Christopher Theodore9 dager siden

    0.15 “ why am i not feeling fully confident ?” Lol Class

  • Davit Mnatsakanyan
    Davit Mnatsakanyan9 dager siden

    why not to fix that ear ?

  • sina7601
    sina76019 dager siden

    English is difficult? Maybe for Scots but not for others !

  • Vasqu3z
    Vasqu3z10 dager siden

    he looks so much like Colin Morgan (Merlin)

  • Icetuga1
    Icetuga110 dager siden

    Oh wow i liked the guy already, but i never knew that he was "and probably still is"😎 a huge Borussia Mönchengladbach fan. This is the club i support in Germany too. So i hope the guys at Borussia don´t mess the chance, hope to see Tuchel at Borussia one day in future.

  • emaneux
    emaneux10 dager siden

    His voicecracks are adorable xD

  • emaneux
    emaneux10 dager siden

    0:25 Tuchel flexing his chairman skills on us 😭

  • Cora Salas
    Cora Salas10 dager siden

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  • Morpheus
    Morpheus10 dager siden

    Would thomas Tuchel win the CL final ? Yes. That is an easy one !! 💙💙 I like his confidence

  • Kia Wallas
    Kia Wallas10 dager siden

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  • Malik D
    Malik D10 dager siden

    LOL THIS LATIN SENTENCE, I had exactly the same.