Jimmy Bullard and Alan Hutton go head-to-head in the ULTIMATE free-kick drill!

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Jimmy Bullard goes head-to-head with the 'Scottish Cafu' Alan Hutton in the ultimate free-kick drill. Who do you think will come out on top? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Declan Butler
    Declan Butler5 minutter siden

    Yeeeeeh of course 😁😁

  • Ricochet
    RicochetDag siden

    That goal against the unwashed. Sublime. UTV - SOTC

  • Pak Stuart
    Pak StuartDag siden

    Is it my eyes or is the white ball getting lost in the white backround?

  • J.League Journeys
    J.League JourneysDag siden

    these balls from the pound shop or what

  • Daniel
    DanielDag siden

    Does he realise at 6:35 he has to hit it in the goal and not straight at the keeper?

  • Michael Inkster
    Michael Inkster2 dager siden

    Very entertaining!

  • Thomas Feist
    Thomas Feist2 dager siden

    Di Canio 🤣

  • James Baikie
    James Baikie2 dager siden

    Those 3 in a row, including the left peg swerve top left Unreal 🥶🥶

  • Lewis Charlton
    Lewis Charlton2 dager siden

    Alan Hutton is a naturally funny guy him n Jimmy go well together

  • Daniel Hughes
    Daniel Hughes2 dager siden

    But as Jimmy ever picked the ball up in his own half and just gone on an adventure, take 5 players out of the game, turn on his left foot and score a screamer against your local rivals and dive into the fans to celebrate....I think not haha. Greatest goal ever scored in front of the holt end

  • dean
    dean2 dager siden

    how has grealish still not been in soccer am ?

  • Jamie
    Jamie3 dager siden

    That keeper is absolute aids

  • Tommy T
    Tommy T3 dager siden

    Keepers just happy to be there

  • dilli choraa Brigade
    dilli choraa Brigade3 dager siden

    Allan Hutton legend.., from a Spurs fan

  • Kieran Blue nose
    Kieran Blue nose3 dager siden

    Always be a rangers legend

  • Christopher Michael Teasdale
    Christopher Michael Teasdale3 dager siden

    Sexy rugby players

  • Christopher Michael Teasdale
    Christopher Michael Teasdale3 dager siden

    Hate football

  • Christopher Michael Teasdale
    Christopher Michael Teasdale3 dager siden

    Grils game

  • Christopher Michael Teasdale
    Christopher Michael Teasdale3 dager siden

    Give me rugby player hotter than football player

  • gurpreet daliwell
    gurpreet daliwell3 dager siden

    how old is this dude?

  • Wilton McDonald
    Wilton McDonald3 dager siden

    He never strike the ball ⚽️ like that when he was at Spurs 😀😀😂

  • Allan Bennoch RFC #1
    Allan Bennoch RFC #13 dager siden

    When Hutton got a second shower during that drill I thought Adri Chechik was the camera man's assassin 🖖💦⚽😊

  • Allan Bennoch RFC #1

    Allan Bennoch RFC #1

    Dag siden

    😌 she happens to be a family friend and very well involved in her job and very beautiful. Case n point is relevance I had watched a wee dirty movie on this day she did squirt with sexual joy 💦 also women love the porn scene without it I'd have no interest at all, and on the same day happened to watch these lads playing here so you stupid brain take a second to make yer own mind up walk through more than what it had taken for you to drum up this complety wrank rotten reply. Have a nice day.

  • Daniel


    Dag siden

    Stop watching p0rn you pathetic man. Watching another man have intercourse with a woman you will never and could never have intercourse with. See how pathetic that is?

  • Qwerty


    2 dager siden

    Chechik is a legend

  • Mahesh Sapre

    Mahesh Sapre

    2 dager siden


  • Glinch
    Glinch3 dager siden

    Who's waiting for the portugal game?

  • Maguire the GOAT

    Maguire the GOAT

    3 dager siden

    @Yusuf Khan aged well

  • Yusuf Khan

    Yusuf Khan

    3 dager siden

    @737383839 better not release it tomorrow

  • 737383839


    3 dager siden

    Yeh they’re taking long man

  • Mick Harrison
    Mick Harrison3 dager siden

    Does the keeper get told not to dive?

  • Toby Sylvester
    Toby Sylvester3 dager siden

    4.12 is why you’re here. You’re welcome

  • OnceIWasYou
    OnceIWasYou3 dager siden

    Are PC World gonna send you to fix someone's printer next then?

  • thefilmandmusic
    thefilmandmusic3 dager siden

    Villa …Hutton Great

  • The Aston Villa Seal
    The Aston Villa Seal3 dager siden

    Legendary. Had amazing moments for us, great to see the Scottish Cafu out enjoying himself here.

  • Faisal Playz
    Faisal Playz3 dager siden

    This is recorded in my school football dome😂😂



    Dag siden

    Posh kids aye

  • AtLiveGaming


    2 dager siden

    School?! My uni doesn’t have anything like this

  • Kieran Martin
    Kieran Martin3 dager siden

    Alan Hutton is a holte end hero is a big part of villas history will never forget the feeling when the holte end erupted when he scored against small heat

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T3 dager siden

    3m subs early party

  • Monster Munch
    Monster Munch3 dager siden

    They are terrible let’s not kid ourselves

  • hmu05366


    3 dager siden

    They both played in the premier league you absolute tool

  • That guy Judging you
    That guy Judging you3 dager siden

    Soccer am has definitely gone down to the shitter

  • 2ars


    3 dager siden

    Why ?

  • Syamil Rosham
    Syamil Rosham3 dager siden

    Did Jimmy turned 60 immediately after retired?

  • anab0lic


    3 dager siden

    think he just ran out of hair dye.

  • el_rooneyo
    el_rooneyo3 dager siden

    Hutton ran from his own half to score against the blues - bonus 1,000,000 points!

    LET ME TALK3 dager siden

    Didn't know Jimmy bullard is only 42. i thought he was about 50yrs 😬

  • A Hardstyle Lamb
    A Hardstyle Lamb3 dager siden

    Looks like you need a new keeper...

  • SFB
    SFB3 dager siden

    As a Villa fan, Hutton is a legend

  • Hocane


    2 dager siden

    No he isn't

  • Renewed RS

    Renewed RS

    3 dager siden

    @Joel MacInnes Well good. I'm glad you gave Alan Hutton's goal some serious thought about whether or not it was literally the greatest goal in the history of association football. Appreciate it.

  • Joel MacInnes

    Joel MacInnes

    3 dager siden

    Im not saying it was bad, but it was nowhere near "the greatest in the history of the sport"

  • Captain Hindsight

    Captain Hindsight

    3 dager siden

    @Joel MacInnes no

  • Joel MacInnes

    Joel MacInnes

    3 dager siden

    @Renewed RS I mean, that's just wrong

  • Captain Hindsight
    Captain Hindsight3 dager siden

    Scottish cafu, legend

  • Lets Talk Crud

    Lets Talk Crud

    2 dager siden

    Lol tekkerz

  • 竹山樂
    竹山樂3 dager siden

    Alan Hutton and Bullard their premium were on the level of Uruguay/Argentina under 15s.

  • hmu05366


    3 dager siden


  • Weapon X
    Weapon X3 dager siden

    7th shot shoulda been 5 points? bottom corner.

  • Elliot Coulling
    Elliot Coulling3 dager siden

    “Are you well? .. Honestly”

  • Account User

    Account User

    3 dager siden

    Haha but how he gonna give Jimmy a ball like that 😂

  • Gaming Craziness
    Gaming Craziness3 dager siden

    The Scottish Cafu

  • Nothing Compares 2U Ole
    Nothing Compares 2U Ole3 dager siden

    Jimmy stole my spice

  • S D S
    S D S3 dager siden

    Up the bald headed Scottish Cafu

  • Alam Ariyan
    Alam Ariyan3 dager siden

    He used to go to my dad's pizza shop in solihull 😂

  • Ben Watkins

    Ben Watkins

    3 dager siden


  • Football Memes.✅

    Football Memes.✅

    3 dager siden


  • Wanga Dang
    Wanga Dang3 dager siden

    Oul Bullard Hull City's Leo Messi!!!!!

  • Nat Rfc1
    Nat Rfc13 dager siden

    What a player

  • Soham Mehta
    Soham Mehta3 dager siden

    Is Bullard transitioning into a woman?

  • Joel MacInnes

    Joel MacInnes

    3 dager siden


  • Kye
    Kye3 dager siden


  • hmu05366


    3 dager siden


  • Entertainment Tv
    Entertainment Tv3 dager siden

    Wow 9th

  • Aaron Churchard
    Aaron Churchard3 dager siden

    Alan Hutton is my dad

  • hmu05366


    3 dager siden

    Yer da sells Avon

  • Faz M

    Faz M

    3 dager siden

    You lucky bastard

  • Rice and beans
    Rice and beans3 dager siden


  • hmu05366


    3 dager siden


  • Joel MacInnes

    Joel MacInnes

    3 dager siden

    @Ewan M. nice logic

  • Ewan M.

    Ewan M.

    3 dager siden

    Didn’t ask

  • Joel MacInnes

    Joel MacInnes

    3 dager siden


  • Tahmid Ahmed
    Tahmid Ahmed3 dager siden

    *Damn thought Emile Heskey was BETTER*

  • Brendan McGee
    Brendan McGee3 dager siden

    Wow 3rd

  • Fortnite Fishy
    Fortnite Fishy3 dager siden


  • Joel MacInnes

    Joel MacInnes

    3 dager siden

    @bruno Im not saying I was first to say no one cares,

  • bruno


    3 dager siden

    @Joel MacInnes the comment above said no one cares

  • Joel MacInnes

    Joel MacInnes

    3 dager siden

    First to be told that no one cares

  • Eoin


    3 dager siden

    No one cares

  • bruno


    3 dager siden

    Why do those cringe fortnite kids always comment first

  • Mr Joseph 1234
    Mr Joseph 12343 dager siden

    This is so good



    3 dager siden

    @GWS Eriksen ExActly I hate when ppl do that

  • GWS Eriksen

    GWS Eriksen

    3 dager siden

    U haven’t even watched it but k