"It was not a successful season" | Ole Gunnar Solskjær on Europa League final defeat

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Man Utd manager Ole Gunnar Solskjær says that his did not have a successful season, despite reaching the Europa League Final and finishing second in the Premier League. Ole said that success at Manchester United is defined by trophies, and they didn't win any. He also hinted at an overhaul of the squad over the summe.

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  • Dude
    Dude4 dager siden


  • dingypt
    dingypt9 dager siden

    Ole is still trying to adapt guys, its only his 3rd year. Give him time. Mou won 3 trophies in 2 years, Ole just finished his 3rd with 0 trophies... and Mourinho is the bad coach while Ole is the "saviour" hahaha

  • crit ique
    crit ique11 dager siden

    ole in

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User11 dager siden

    Give ole another 2 seasons and if he doesn’t win anything by then then he deserves to get sacked

  • Jake Steven
    Jake Steven11 dager siden

    OLE out

  • Randy Arga 27
    Randy Arga 2712 dager siden

    Well when Jose managed the team to finished the season at second on the league and lost the final of FA Cup against Chelsea at least he already won trophies before.

  • Fadlan Nasution
    Fadlan Nasution12 dager siden

    Absolute clueless manager. Extending his contract is an idiot ego-maniac project

  • Dusaetoire !
    Dusaetoire !12 dager siden

    Ole is a very good caretaker manager, and that's where his value ends. The dude doesn't have the tactical acumen to go the extra mile.

  • Su Ba
    Su Ba12 dager siden

    Absolute no brainer to sub on a keeper who has saved 4 of the last 10 penalties he has faced, to replace the keeper who has saved 0 in 27. Awful game management. This man will not win titles for United. He bottles the big decisions. His only hope is assembling a team that is so good they will power through his shortcomings as manager and just win most games that way.

  • Matthew Smyth
    Matthew Smyth13 dager siden

    Solskjaer hasn't the balls to make key decisions when they matter on till he learns to do so United will never make the extra step to be successful. He constantly played Maguire despite him having many bad games throughout the season as he felt he had to justify his huge price tag , Lindelof is not good enough yet he constantly plays him over Bailly who is a fare better option. I don't and never will rate Fred yet he's constantly plays him in midfield, Rashford was clearly not fully fit and has been carrying an injury all season yet he decided to take Greenwood who was one of our better players off . I personally think his signongs with the exception of Fernandes haven't been good enough and seriously doubt he has the ability to get us to the level we need to be at . Dont get me wrong I have great time for Ole but we only finish 2nd as Liverpool, Chelsea and Spurs struggled to find form . Extremely frustrating we went all season unbeaten away from home but couldn't apply the same to our home form. Fans are delighted that Cavani is staying but he's not what we need to take us to the next level we need a player like Kane or Haaland to move us closer to City. Get rid of the deadwood, Mata , Jones , Matic, Fred, Martial, De Gea all need to go and if the price is right Pogba

  • Phil j Aine
    Phil j Aine13 dager siden

    United nt again really me or we as fans out thr f so, we, am tired of disappointments most especially De gea him self

  • Phil j Aine
    Phil j Aine13 dager siden

    United nt again really me or we as fans out thr f so, we, am tired of disappointments most especially De gea him self

  • Fin Treadwell
    Fin Treadwell13 dager siden

    Money grubbing owners, social media stars and a PE teacher coach. The Man Utd way 🤣🤣🤣

  • Janp Teyag
    Janp Teyag14 dager siden

    If Ole loves this club he’ll leave. We all know deep down and Ole does too, he can’t bring success to this club.

  • 666demonknight666
    666demonknight66614 dager siden

    Ole must learn, there is no plan B, 5 subs not used. That Cavani goal was scrappy anyway. Glazers out, Rashford, Martial and Pogba out!

  • Stephen Kennedy
    Stephen Kennedy14 dager siden

    Another false dawn realised for utd fans.

  • Benson 17
    Benson 1714 dager siden

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 clueless

  • TYBALT.videos {[5]}
    TYBALT.videos {[5]}14 dager siden

    „He seems like a really nice guy...“

  • Kickz
    Kickz14 dager siden

    Why is ole complaining if he did not making subs until the 100 minute

  • Peter Alex
    Peter Alex14 dager siden

    Im starting to hate this guy and I used to be one of his strongest supporters but after his constant failure I want him out ASAP

  • Najai Mclean
    Najai Mclean15 dager siden

    No trophies for the last 4 seasons

  • Najai Mclean
    Najai Mclean15 dager siden

    No trophies for the last 4 seasons

  • napstar d
    napstar d15 dager siden

    Rashord was something else annoying, the coach lack experience he was on pressure, at the end of 90 minutes he was suppose to change De Gea cos Dean Henderson was better in P.k New coach's are available Zendane and Conte are free at the moment. Each player needs a challenge partner

  • Mr Emeng
    Mr Emeng15 dager siden


  • Aka Qaadirey
    Aka Qaadirey15 dager siden

    If was not successful season really when did he had successful season ?

  • Frank Edward
    Frank Edward15 dager siden

    Mu never looked like winning. The players apart from Mct didnt give 100% and subs should have come sooner not to play for penalties

    THE RIDICULOUS NICOLAUS •15 dager siden

    U didn’t do enough

  • Jee L
    Jee L15 dager siden

    you suck

  • Common Man
    Common Man15 dager siden

    Players are bottlers, chokers, losers and untrustworthy. Need a better squad. We don't even want europa trophy, its insulting. We need to win the league and this squad will not win it. No matter who the manager is.

  • omar samuda
    omar samuda16 dager siden

    Substitution in 💯 minutes .crazy

  • yakubu Daniel
    yakubu Daniel16 dager siden

    Stop making excuses and make the best of what you have. You are looking for more signings when the ones you are given you cannot even win the carling or FA cup with them talkless of the europa . Learn from morinho and likes.

  • Nigel Ramkellawan
    Nigel Ramkellawan16 dager siden

    The biggest mistake in United history waw to hire this clueless and incompetent coach

  • Mouhsine Tchenchana
    Mouhsine Tchenchana16 dager siden

    man United will definitely be back next year. wait and to see

  • Jannik Nielsen
    Jannik Nielsen16 dager siden

    It is a stepping stone to something better... Sometimes it is one kick, other times it is not making substitutes until the 100th min.

  • EnZ PlayZ
    EnZ PlayZ16 dager siden

    Has to make crucial signings and speak more about which players he wants because he never likes to even hint a player that his eyeing. Ole in and I believe in the process, next season is to go through the Champions League as far as possible (At least Semi or Final of the CL) and win the premier league

  • kenb41
    kenb4116 dager siden

    Man Utd should keep Solksjaer for a long time...his knowledge of being a substitute is 2nd to none and Clearly knows what he’s doing😂😂😂, long may it continue 😄😄😄

  • waydomriver
    waydomriver16 dager siden

    This is what happens when you send the message to your team that your happy with second place .

  • Richie Mckay
    Richie Mckay16 dager siden

    PE teacher

  • Al Med
    Al Med16 dager siden


  • Puran Omdeo
    Puran Omdeo16 dager siden

    Shut up you asshole ole you are not fit for this managerial role to manage a great club like manu you must have been a deadful striker but not a cup winner manager like sir fergie and sir jose did....All the best to loose again for 21/22..

  • Mpho ramoshaba
    Mpho ramoshaba16 dager siden

    PE teacher

  • shaitaan baalak
    shaitaan baalak16 dager siden

    after an awful start we came back and finished second obviously everyone will discredit that by saying everyone is awful like they said last season when chelsea spent 200 million plus and arsenal had a good end plus jose was expected to improve spurs. What happened this season in the league we can see.

  • Syihabudin Rahmat
    Syihabudin Rahmat16 dager siden

    cannot expect more from a manager that bring cardiff relegated 🤐

  • Z Ali
    Z Ali16 dager siden

    “GET OUT MAN UTD GET OUT “...make it a chant for next season..loving it

  • Tasty Delight

    Tasty Delight

    16 dager siden

    Should change it to Ole Get Out

  • BabsW
    BabsW16 dager siden

    It only came down to "fine margins" because of Ole's poor in-game management.

  • Tasty Delight

    Tasty Delight

    16 dager siden

    Its time to give another manager a crack. Ole is only good for Molde

  • Daniel Dennis
    Daniel Dennis16 dager siden

    Man Utd will not win anything for a few years, If they carry on. This year was the best chance to get one or two silverware. Man City will defend title next season. Liverpool and Chelsea will be stronger. Leicester will be fired up . I think we struggle to get top four. But I hope I’m wrong.

  • khal
    khal16 dager siden

    Where is Roy keane? I want to see him rip them a new one.

  • Ethan Power
    Ethan Power16 dager siden

    Ole's Norwegian/Mancunian accent is one of the strangest accents I've ever heard.

  • Alicultivated
    Alicultivated16 dager siden

    If/When Ole gets sacked he'll probably get replaced by Darren Fletcher, Michael Carrick, Rio Ferdinand e.t.c Utd won't learn. There are examples of former players managing the club to success but it doesn't always work.

  • mike heap
    mike heap16 dager siden

    How can you be cheeky enuff to talk about challenging City. Your 5 years away, 6 players and £300million away from any Challenge and that assumes we just stand still. Never happening deluded fans. CTID 💙.

  • nightcore Queen107

    nightcore Queen107

    14 dager siden

    Atleast both Manchester Clubs can celebrate at bottling European finals

  • mike heap
    mike heap16 dager siden

    Oh all them glory hunting supporters from Bristol and Essex suffering from a lack of glory. Why not support your local teams that never win trophies as well. Didn't he say trophies don't matter 3 weeks ago ?

  • Dalair khan
    Dalair khan16 dager siden

    Ole we loved you as a player but you're rubbish as a manager please resign and go back to Norway

  • Rui Gomes
    Rui Gomes16 dager siden

    where's Laura Woods and Pogba now? 🤣

  • eivom
    eivom16 dager siden

    I don't get what he's doing for the club every time he gets wins united fans hype him up yet at the end of the season he has nothing to show for it.. he came 2nd in europa and prem lol.. when do united fans realise he's taking them no where

  • Marko Jones
    Marko Jones16 dager siden

    Rashford looked like he faked his injury to avoid the shootout. Weak heart

  • Sebastian Vella

    Sebastian Vella

    16 dager siden

    He did shoot a penalty and scored.

  • Marko Jones
    Marko Jones16 dager siden

    I think we should give Poch a chance

  • Marko Jones
    Marko Jones16 dager siden

    No subs for 90 mins ... time to get this novice out. We gave him a chance and he did not take it.

  • nightcore Queen107

    nightcore Queen107

    14 dager siden

    But he tried his best

  • no one
    no one16 dager siden

    Ole is perfect for man u, crap.

  • slipy g
    slipy g16 dager siden

    Get out of my club fraud

  • Clyde Mudzvova
    Clyde Mudzvova16 dager siden

    Stop talking about fine margins Ole!

  • 4life Manchester United 100
    4life Manchester United 10016 dager siden

    He should of made earlier subs and fresh players and maybe we could of won things could of changed but no Fred and James are useless he could of brought Donny and matic

  • javamoss
    javamoss16 dager siden

    Give this guy a lifetime contract. :)

    DEE DUBZ16 dager siden

    All their support all turned up and was in the stands, studio, at home all smug as if it was gonna be some ceremonial party in the end, but you could tell if they never scored early, the longer the match goes on it would go towards Villareal's favour, to which it did. Man United ended up leaving with nothing but egg on their faces. Worser defeat than The Arsenal losing the semis.

  • Chris Phillips Drum Lessons
    Chris Phillips Drum Lessons16 dager siden

    When will United sell the all the deadwood Mata, Matic, pogba, telles, Lindolf, Fred, Jones , Baily and James Id be thinking about Rashford as well he reminds me of Lingard

  • Chris Phillips Drum Lessons

    Chris Phillips Drum Lessons

    16 dager siden

    @Reece Stephens baily is alway injured hes played less games that Maguire in 5 years. Fed cant handle a holding roll nor can he be creative, Pogba wants to leave Mata and Matic time as footballers is coming to a close, time to blood youth, James .. maybe he can stay. Lindelof is a really poor centre back hes been terrible for years. As for Rashford hes a top lad but he needs dropping from United and England his form doesnt deserve a place ... Lingard (at united) form

  • Reece Stephens

    Reece Stephens

    16 dager siden

    @Chris Phillips Drum Lessons you are completely right we having won anything but that’s half our team you’ve written there? Fred, Pogba and rashford have had a very good season. Telles we have only just bought and hasn’t had a chance due to how good shaw has been? Baily for me isn’t bad for a back up CB if we actually bought someone decent in summer and James is still young handy to have if we are talking about gaining an in depth squad as for the rest yeah they are past it but don’t forget what they’ve done for the club mata might not have the legs but he’s still an unbelievable player harsh to call dead wood. I do wonder if you watch United or your just a deluded fan who bases players off one performance and not all season. Was the final the first game you’ve watched in a year by any chance?

  • Chris Phillips Drum Lessons

    Chris Phillips Drum Lessons

    16 dager siden

    @Reece Stephens the clue is that team hasnt won anything for years . Thanks for your silly comment though made me chuckle

  • Reece Stephens

    Reece Stephens

    16 dager siden

    You are clueless mate absolute bell-end

  • SA.
    SA.16 dager siden

    They overachieved this season.

  • David Mardlin
    David Mardlin16 dager siden

    Ole at the wheel 🤣

  • Kirubel Tadesse
    Kirubel Tadesse16 dager siden

    Dude got Cardiff relegated and won the tinpot norwegian league but remember that one time he stuck a foot out in 1999?

  • Migmar Pelkong
    Migmar Pelkong16 dager siden

    Best manager in the Pl.

  • paingainmayn
    paingainmayn16 dager siden

    Wow, Europa League runners up. What a successful season!

    FU*K YOUTUBE16 dager siden

    Read a comment earlier United have had over 40 penalties in the past two seasons not only is it corruption but all that penalty practice and you still blew it. Glory glory man United.

  • Gulam Allie
    Gulam Allie16 dager siden

    Ole, if really love this club, do us all a favour.....RESIGN. Take Pogba , lindeloff with you.

  • Joseph Clarke
    Joseph Clarke16 dager siden

    Ole has had the same time at United as Mourinho now and accomplished nothing with a much better squad

  • Cloudy with a chance of UFO's
    Cloudy with a chance of UFO's16 dager siden

    Bye Ole. Zidane is available 🤔

  • Zahra Jaffer
    Zahra Jaffer16 dager siden

    united are so average they are not gonna win anything anytime soon under ole mangement and these -126 IQ players

  • The PurplePanda
    The PurplePanda16 dager siden

    Ole... pls understand the SWOT, we are not good playing from the back and the players are just so afraid to pass through the defense or even take a shot from long distance. There is a mental block there

  • TI DON
    TI DON16 dager siden

    We may as well have had an empty crisp packet in goal for those pens. 40 in a row he's now let in. Ultimately it's Ole's fault for picking him over Hendo.

  • Paul Bennett
    Paul Bennett16 dager siden

    If trophies matter so much Ole, why not win one occasionally ?

  • Salim Rehman
    Salim Rehman16 dager siden

    The next season of Manchester United 2021-22 will be a success if Edison Cavani is the main forward and start playing at the beginning of the season and they start playing the ball more down the right side and not relying on the left side of the pitch.

  • TooMuchFlashing
    TooMuchFlashing16 dager siden

    I just realised the beautiful poetry of what happened last night. A team that built its whole season by diving for penalties lost it's only chance for silverware on penalties. The beautiful cycle of life

  • Warzone


    16 dager siden

    @I got ktfo by a foot-stomper 🤫

  • I got ktfo by a foot-stomper

    I got ktfo by a foot-stomper

    16 dager siden

    @Warzone if only PENandes took all the penalties united would’ve won

  • Warzone


    16 dager siden

    Diving for penalties? Or so we dived for penalties against Spurs,City,Liverpool? Absolute mug

  • Richie Mckay

    Richie Mckay

    16 dager siden

    Well pointed out Couldn’t agree more

  • Phill Addy
    Phill Addy16 dager siden

    Soon as I saw de gea step up I knew they'd lose 😂

  • Sahil
    Sahil16 dager siden

    Anyone who blames de gea for our loss is a complete idiot

  • yiming wei
    yiming wei16 dager siden

    ole, please leave, stop talking if you love utd.

  • Blamelouis
    Blamelouis17 dager siden

    Terrible coach ,pathetic manager, tactically inept.....☺️ Please keep him you deserve him.

  • Anonymous 99
    Anonymous 9917 dager siden

    guys please share the Gospel and Pray and read your Bible Jesus will come and he will ask you if you shared his word and had a relationship with him

  • ScuuBdoo
    ScuuBdoo17 dager siden

    DDG didn't look bothered at even trying to save one of those penalties. If you watch his penalty in slow motion you can see Rulli already starting his dive to where DDG kicked it. Absolutely shocking penalty. Tactically Emery got it spot on. Completely neutralised Bruno. Parked the bus and worked a counter or set piece. Rashford had a shocker of a game and has been poor for months now. Perhaps he should refocus on his football instead of children's school meals. How he survived the full 120 minutes is beyond me. Pogba is so infuriating. He should be the one controlling the game and making things happen but he was once again ineffectual. Won't be disappointed to see him sold. Cavani played really well. He was all over the pitch. Lindelof was shite as usual. I don't know what the hell Jose saw in him to want to sign him. 100 minutes before OSG makes a change and its Fred. Sweet Jesus. Fred to the rescue! There is no way Utd are winning trophies with Fred and McTominay in midfield. I've been harsh on Maguire but its obvious he is badly missed in defence. Shaw played well. AWB was once again useless going forward. He hasn't a clue what to do going past the half way line. As for OSG he's not the manager to bring to club back to titles. Tactically he is inept which was glaringly obvious last night. He has probably improved the mood of the players but has he made them better players? No. To say "we didn't turn up" in a European final is totally on you. If you can't get your players to turn up for a European final then we have big problems. Club needs at least 3 players in the summer but probably 4. Even more dead wood needs moved on too.

  • X P85
    X P8517 dager siden

    When de gea does his job nobody gives him credit when he makes a mistake he gets crusified

  • N Danks
    N Danks17 dager siden

    Rashford also missed a sitter btw

  • RosheEntertains
    RosheEntertains17 dager siden

    It's funny how Ole and his players are acting like they are better than this lol. Like when the players took their medals off in disgust. Lads, for most of you, this is the highlight of your career so far😂😂😂

  • Jazz' avell
    Jazz' avell17 dager siden

    Fu*k off and get out of united you are the disaster @FEhashtag him now

  • marc fox
    marc fox17 dager siden

    You cant speak out of your bum anymore Solskjaer. As for our No1/2 keeper u Got found out, £300,000+ a week and you cant put your foot through a ball. Regardless of the pressure, it could have been Shamrock Rovers and he would have bottled it.

  • Beta Ray Bill
    Beta Ray Bill17 dager siden

    Should rename the trophy the Emery Cup. The man knows how to win it.

  • Elon Dust
    Elon Dust17 dager siden

    Joke club

  • Gmail P.
    Gmail P.17 dager siden

    Ole hasn't a clue really what it takes to win big games !!!

  • PricelessMile
    PricelessMile17 dager siden

    Anyone know how many penalties De Gea has saved in the last 6 years?

  • Thursdayangel Gummybear
    Thursdayangel Gummybear17 dager siden

    Great season🥰

  • Drew Smith
    Drew Smith17 dager siden

    HAHA Manshitty f-all again

  • blackDRAGONinja
    blackDRAGONinja17 dager siden

    Lol they fielded thier 2nd team against Leicester to stop liverpool but at the end they get what? This manchester united has hit its peak, only thing they can do is either maintain this peak or they are going down.

  • Irish G
    Irish G17 dager siden

    Should of used his subs and how do u not bring on dean for the pens David never saves any

  • Wesley Haight
    Wesley Haight17 dager siden

    After his scumbag attempt to keep liverpool out the top four, and be hailed as a legend, he failed again. No preseason? Successful season?PAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  • twisted ham
    twisted ham17 dager siden

    Alex not europe quality , so u think his boy do?